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Health and Wellness

Research has shown that the only way to dramatically reduce health care expenses over time is through a healthier population. It has also been shown that healthier employees on average are more productive, miss fewer days of work, and are happier in their everyday lives.

Our HIG Wellness program provides on-site health screenings, customized health-centered communications, and works with your company to communicate the benefits of being healthier. Over time, wellness programs make a substantial impact on your workforce, leading not only to lower health insurance premiums, but also a healthier workforce.

We are here to provide the needs and education for your employees. Health and Wellness plans that are offered through work improve employee morale and employee job performance.

  • Attract & Retain the most talented workforce
  • Improve Employee Morale
  • Reduce Absenteeism and Lost Time
  • Improve on-the-job performance
  • Decrease Workers’ Compensation Costs
  • ROI’s of at least $3 to $8 per dollar invested within five years of program
  • ROI’s Lifestyle behavior change programs: $3-$6 within 2-5 years.
Healthcare Reform and Compliance

We take care of all the necessary communications, forms, and record keeping so you don’t have to, and ensuring employer’s remain fully compliant with ERISA regulations. All below items are included in the event of an audit:

  • Maintains all required records for the mandated amount of time
  • Provides instruction regarding required on-site record keeping
  • Completes all required forms accurately and promptly
  • Offers the flexibility to maintain separate ERISA plans or bundle different benefits into a single plan
  • Prepares and designs the required Plan Document and the Summary Plan Description
  • Provides guidelines for disclosure of required information to employees
  • Prepares all applicable forms and schedules
  • Assists in obtaining necessary information from insurance carriers to prepare required forms and filings
  • Prepares the Summary of Materials Modification (SMM) and Summary Annual Report if required
  • Assisted with resolution in the event that any employee benefits plans are reviewed by the Department of Labor
  • Provides an Audi Guarantee, toll-free Customer Service, and 35+ years of experience in employee benefits administration
  • Provides Healthcare Reform Notices required under the PPACA and PHSA mandate

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